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Get Noticed!

Welcome to our blog where I give hints and tips on how to successfully market your business.

Hopefully you have read my previous blogs where I having been explaining successful ways to market businesses.

In this blog I would like to talk about designing the right creative for the right campaign. There is a very basic rule to follow: if you are going for an ‘above the line’ campaign, i.e. media advertising, radio or mass market communication like large format posters you need to adopt the ‘3 second trick’ which is the maximum time that someone will look at your communication before either turning away or reading on. You only need to look at a selection of large format roadside posters to see the ones with a simple, striking message are the ones that work best.

So, you need to grab their attention with humour, a stunning or unusual graphic or picture or even a teaser headline. You only need to think of the amount of direct mail leaflets that get binned, the ones that work are the ones that ‘Break the Mould” and are unusual. Now, use the same theory on websites, when you click on a website for the first time that initial impression is all important, it’s called the bounce rate, which is the amount of people that land on the home page and immediately click off – a good bounce rate is under 25% and anything around 60% and over is very bad, check the stats on your website and see what your bounce rate is.

Now, when we come to corporate brochures and sales literature, especially if they are being handed over personally, a totally different approach should be adopted. Here you can be a lot slower paced, some just have a picture and a logo on the front cover. On these pieces it’s all about creating the image you want to for your company or product.

It’s amazing how many leaflets, emails, websites etc I see that are wrongly designed for their audience, and then they wonder why they haven’t worked. I have met quite a number of clients who say, “Tried direct mail but it didn’t work” what has happened is that they used the wrong creative approach and didn’t adopt the 3 second trick!

That’s all for now, if you would like to make a comment or have any questions, place email them to me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call me on 01424 813412.