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Become the ‘Face’ of your industry!

Welcome to another of our blogs where I give hints and tips on how to successfully market your business.

Hopefully you have read my previous blogs where I having been explaining successful ways to market businesses.

In this blog I’d like to explain how I think marketing has turned back the clock. When I started in marketing (many years ago!) you used to jump in your car and go and see the client to pick up a brief. You'd then go back and present the visuals or the campaign and then back once more with the artwork. This way it was easy to build strong relationships with your clients as you met with them several times.

Then, with the advent of the internet, ISDN lines (who remembers them?) and emails, briefs would be send down the line, artwork was sent back and maybe you didn’t see your client for weeks or even months on end. These days you can even obtain clients from your website or an online campaign and not even meet them face to face – where’s the relationship building? Where there’s no relationship it’s easy for the client to slip away.

However, by doing regular blogs and better still video blogs it’s possible to build those relationships again, clients can see you, get to know your personality and hopefully trust what you have to say. Better still, by putting good, interesting and thought provoking information out there you can become to be seen as an expert in your field and people will start to look out for your blogs because they know it’s going to be interesting stuff.  We have made a couple of our clients become the oracle for their industry, newspapers and other journals will ask them for a quote when they need some information on their field of expertise.

It’s important to write regular blogs so people will look out for them – say one a week or bi-weekly. Plus a really important point, Google rates video very highly, Cisco did some recent research and found that 30% of broadband was used by video and they predict that in 2 years that will be 90%, makes you think doesn’t it?

Don’t think you have to spend a pot of money on video production, you can buy a blogging camera for about £50 including a tripod, so what are you waiting for – get blogging!

That’s all for now, if you would like to make a comment or have any questions, place email them to me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , you can Tweet me a 'Direct Message' at or call me on 01424 813412.