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How to Successfully Market a Business - Part 2


How to Successfully Market a Business - Part 1


Corporate Identity - what it really means

A lot of people think that a corporate identity consists of your logo, stationery, advertising material and website. In fact the true meaning of corporate identity is the experience a customer has from the way the first phone call is answered to when the invoice is presented.

Think about your customer’s journey – is your reception tidy? Are the magazines up to date? What sort of out-of-hours answer phone message do you have? There is no point investing in some great new promotional material if the product service does not live up to the promise.

If you are embarking on an advertising campaign, hopefully it will be a success, so can your company cope with the extra business efficiently, so that the customer will want to come back for more?

This is a true story of how corporate identity can go wrong without the customer realising it (but perhaps they did but had ignored it!):

Many years ago the British Rail marketing account came up for grabs and a well-known London agency was pitching for it. They invited the British Rail executives up to their London offices for the presentation. When the executives arrived in the agency’s reception there was no one there to greet them, the ashtrays were full and old magazines were lying around. After about 10 minutes of waiting the executives were about to leave in disgust - but what they hadn’t realised was that they were being watched. The creative director came out to meet them and said they had carried out research and the feedback they got from British Rail customers was similar to what they had just experienced, dirty trains, no-one on duty when they needed them etc. He then showed them into the agency boardroom where the agency gave a great presentation and they got the account – a brave thing for the agency to do but it paid off.

We can help companies produce successful identities that accurately reflect how they want to be seen.

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I have been in the marketing business for more years than I care to remember – about 35 at the last count.

I started my first business in 1978 which, during the heady days of the 80’s grew to one of the largest advertising, marketing and design companies in the South East of England. We worked on such accounts as Hertz Rent a Car, British Airways, Whitbread Beer and Halifax Property Services. I was managing director for the whole period.

The business was sold in 1996 and a|s|t marketing, design and consulting was founded. The big difference was whereas before we normally worked for marketing departments in blue chip companies, now the majority of our clients don’t have a marketing department or even a marketing director.

I had a “light bulb” moment about 6 months into running a|s|t when we were asked to produce a corporate brochure for a company, which we duly did. About 3 months later I phoned the client to see how things were going.

“Your brochures were useless” came the client’s response, I posted out 1500 of the brochures and didn’t get a response.

“But that’s not what a corporate brochure is for” I replied, “You needed a direct mail piece”.

“You mean there’s a difference” he retorted.

Hopefully you see what I mean by a light bulb moment. It became clear that we needed to offer much more of a “hand holding” service where we could assist with the implementation of the initiatives to maximise the results or “Return on Investment” in business speak.

The service that we developed is one where we initially find out what the clients objectives are, do they want more customers? Launch a new product? Or maybe break into a new market? We then produce either a marketing plan or strategy and work very closely with the client to ensure the success of the campaign. This may mean a re-brand, new website together with SEO, social media or direct mail etc. We have an in-house studio and all creativity, artwork and websites are produced by our own staff.

I guess I have gathered an enormous amount of marketing experience over the years and made sure I kept up with all the new developments, i.e. the new media. There’s never been a more exciting time to be in marketing with all the new communication possibilities.

I have given lots of talks on marketing, from student’s right up to business leaders and have decided to post regular blogs and articles on marketing hints and tips. I have quite a few proven initiatives that work really well.

So, sign up and hopefully I can help your business with its marketing.

Thanks for reading this article and I hope we’ll be in touch soon.

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