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Why marketing is so important

Almost every company markets itself in one form or another - attending a networking event and handing out business cards, sending out brochures and catalogues, having a website or advertising.

Most companies tend to do their main marketing when they see a downturn - this is the worse time to market themselves because rather than be selective with taking on new customers they tend to take on any client, offer price reductions and other special offers that will erode their profits even more. The best time to market is all the time. The most successful businesses are the ones that do exactly that.

The best way to do this is to have a plan - in the simplest form this can be just on a single sheet of paper but it will detail everything that needs to done over a certain period of time such as:

  • Update website monthly with a new case history and email relevant companies with the case history plus a link to the website
  • Send out a PR release every two months to the relevant media
  • Send out 20 direct mail leaflets per week and follow up with a phone call
  • Ensure that on every sales call a brochure pack is left
  • Send out 10 cross selling emails to existing clients every week

Each of the above can be sent to a particular target market in order to test that market and see what responses you get.

The above is just a small snap shot of what can be done but hopefully you can see how it works in it‘s simplest form.

Then you need to monitor the response as an ongoing process, there’s no point spending money on something that doesn’t work, that money should be spent on something that does.

To find out how we can help you develop a plan that will get you more clients - guaranteed, then contact us today.